Our philosophy around recovery

At Unity Sober Living, our recovery program design has its roots in the 12 steps as first laid out in the “Big Book” widely utilized in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Today this recovery philosophy is successfully used by hundreds of other 12 step fellowships, including USL. We believe a solid step foundation coupled with productive habitual behaviors is a proven path to long-term recovery.

When you have the strength to seek help, we have a home for you.


  • Daily support and accountability contacts with the team
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Three required 12-step meetings per week, including a Friday evening meeting that all residents must attend
  • Adherence to and discussion surrounding program and house rules
  • Drug and alcohol tests administered randomly


  • Those in the USL program walk through recovery together
  • Our house meetings allow residents to check in with each other, providing the opportunity to request or offer support
  • By living and growing together, residents get to see first-hand the growth and victory that is possible through our program


  • Employing the “one day at a time” philosophy, we know that on the path to recovery every day (or hour, or minute) is another opportunity to choose the next right thing. And with daily support from other residents, that choice is made easier
  • Our team maintains daily contact with every man in the program through a daily outline completed via text. This allows us to gauge how each individual is doing, and provides space for questions, the sharing of triumphs and struggles, and concerns
  • Our team members have all struggled with addiction, gone through treatment, and now lead by example and experience

“An important factor in the recovery process is the presence and involvement of people who believe in the person’s ability to recover; who offer hope, support, and encouragement; and who also suggest strategies and resources for change.”

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

We value the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and embrace them in our program, and also require our residents to attend 3 12-step meetings per week. We offer first-hand guidance and support for our members as they work through these principles, whether it’s one time or many times.

  1. Honesty – admitting to ourselves we’re powerless over our addictions
  2. Hope – finding and keeping faith in a higher power
  3. Faith – turning our will and life over to God as we understand Him
  4. Courage – making a thorough and fearless moral inventory, documenting mistakes and failure
  5. Integrity – living honestly after admitting our faults and downfalls
  6. Willingness – we work to be ready to be absolved in order to move forward toward recovery
  7. Humility – we try to not see ourselves as more important than we are
  8. Love – we call to mind those we have wronged, and put ourselves in service to those we care about
  9. Responsibility – we make amends with those who we’ve hurt by our addiction-related behaviors
  10. Discipline – we continue to take personal inventory, and right wrongs as needed
  11. Awareness – we continue to pay attention to our higher power, and live the way it guides us to
  12. Service – in service we work to pay it forward, and put forth the love and support we’ve received